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The Manic McFlys (Metal & Hard Rock)

“The Mad Professor”: Keyboards, Guitar II, Eigenharp, Background-Vocals
Photo above: Markus Hillgärtner   www.markushillgä

The ManicMcFlys
The Manic McFlys

Sound-Design for Concert Opener of “The Manic McFlys”:
“Back to the Future” theme before intro before Europe’s “Final Countdown”

Looper-Solo with Eigenharp controlling Yamaha VL1-m “Shakuhachi”

Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

GROOVENUS Souldband; Foto: Simon Trotzkowski

“Schatten über Armaleth” by Thorsten & Nadine Uebe-Emden
Musical CD-Production

Vocals: Liberio, Vahan; Lead of Ensemble; Mixing

Schatten über Armaleth

“Ankunft in Tel’ Amra” (Ausschnitt) – written by Nadine & Thorsten Uebe-Emden, by friendly permission of “SCHATTEN ÜBER ARMALETH”

Da Capo Living Gospel
Lead-Guitar, Vocal Soloist, Solo-Violin, (previously Vocal Coach)

Da Capo Living Gospel (Wissen/Sieg)
Da Capo Living Gospel (Wissen/Sieg)

With Da Capo Living Gospels:
Wings to Fly
(written by Daniela Burbach)