Background for my music

Here you will find some background information – plus everything that you said about it.

  1. Iceberg Love (witten 1991, completely reproduced 2012)
    This is one of my older songs – written completely unplugged with my guitar and voice only, two years later with that remarkable woodwind orchestra of a borrowed Ensoniq VFX synth, then forgotten for a decade, and now full-blown with symphonic orchestra (VSL-SE) and choir (EWSC).
  2. Now You Don’t Dream With Me (written 1992, reproduced 2011)
    Once composed to reflect and transport the biggest tragedy in my life, the emotional echoes kept it much too pathetic for a very long time – until it was time to leave out all the heavy beat and synthetic flavour that prevoisly plastered everything – just to strip it down to an emotional string orchestra (EWSO) and my voice only – with only one single chilling cymbal on the very last note….

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